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Welcome to an overview of My Merchant Account/Online Merchant Services. This quick tour will show you how to save time and streamline the day-to-day management of your merchant account.

My Merchant Account/OMS is a secure online suite of tools designed to help you manage your American Express Merchant Account. By enrolling in Payments, Disputes or Account Management, you can do more in less time.

Quick Tip: You can enroll in one or all of these account tools at no charge, and update your enrollment options at any time.

Enroll in Payments to track your American Express activity and stay on top of your cash flow.

Enroll in Disputes to respond to customer disputes more quickly and reduce the risk of no-reply chargebacks.

And enroll in Account Management to update your Merchant Account information and preferences online at your convenience.

You can also set automatic alerts to notify you when payments are deposited to your Merchant Bank Account and when updates are made to your account information.

Plus, you can contact American Express by e-mail at any time through the Secure Message Center.

Next, we'll see how you can track payments and cash flow online with the Payments tool.


With the Payments tool, you can see up-to-date American Express transaction data for all of your business locations.

See a summary of your most recent account activity, including your submissions and settlements. This is updated daily, so you can see pending payments, and track your activity in between statements.

Quick Tip: See pending transactions before they post to your merchant account, to help you anticipate your cash flow.

You can view your Merchant Account activity at a summary level, or with one click you can drill down for more details.

And when you enroll in Payments, you'll automatically get monthly electronic statements. Keeping records on your Merchant Account is simple, because you can access and download e-statements for the last 12 months.

You've just seen a quick overview of the Payments tool. Next: You'll learn about managing and responding to disputes online.


The Disputes tool shows all your disputes in one location, so you can track the progress of your cases and respond to them more quickly.

See a summary of new and urgent inquiries, including how many days you have left to respond to each case. Responding on time can help you reduce the risk of no-reply chargebacks.

Clicking on any case number shows more in-depth information, including a full case history.

To address a dispute, choose your response and fill in information related to the case.

You can easily attach related documents, like a scanned receipt, to support your case.

Quick Tip: Attaching documents to your disputes electronically saves you time, because it eliminates the need to send them by fax or postal mail.

This was a brief introduction to the Disputes tool. Next: Updating your Merchant Account information with the Account Management tool.

Account Management

With the Account Management tool, you can update your Merchant Account information – including your address, phone and contact information – whenever it's convenient for you.

Simply click “EDIT” in any box that you need to update.

Then enter in your new information and click on the “Save Update” link.

Quick Tip: You can even update your merchant banking information online.

It's easy to manage multiple locations from one account. You can also use the Account Management tool to set up new locations to accept the American Express Card.

Stay on top of your cash flow and know when American Express deposits payments to your Merchant Bank Account by signing up for Payment Deposit Alerts via SMS or e-mail. Other Alerts include Merchant Account and Banking Update Confirmations to help you detect fraudulent activity on your Merchant Account.

Now you know some of the features of the Account Management tool. Next: How to contact American Express by e-mail with servicing-related requests.

Secure Message Center

With the Secure Message Center, you can contact American Express by e-mail at any time for questions about your Merchant Account, so you can reach us even when the call center is closed.

From your Secure Message Center inbox, you can see all of your service requests in one place.

View all of your messages, or filter them by location to easily find what you're looking for.

Composing a message is easy. Your merchant number is pre-populated, and dropdown menus help you quickly choose the topic of your request.

Quick Tip: You can use Secure Message Center to ask questions about payments, disputes or statements, or to request maintenance on your merchant account.

You'll get an immediate confirmation when you submit your request, and we'll typically respond within one business day.

This has been a quick tour of My Merchant Account/Online Merchant Services.

My Merchant Account/OMS tool is offered to merchants at no charge. To enroll in any or all of these helpful tools, you'll need your American Express merchant number, bank routing number and account number ready. Registration only takes about five minutes, so get started now to enjoy the convenience and flexibility of managing your Merchant Account online. Click “Enroll Today.”

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