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Our Pricing

Competitive pricing plans that fit your needs

We have two pricing plans for

 merchant accounts,

 and automatically assign you the plan that most accurately reflects the nature of your business
operations as well as your transaction patterns. Regardless of which plan you are assigned, we'll provide full disclosure of all its terms, and credit card
processing fees. You will also have an opportunity to review these before signing.

For explanations of the different pricing plans, select a plan below.

The Discount Rate Plan

The amount you're charged on this plan depends on a number of variables that are determined by your particular business situation.


The Flat Fee Plan

This easy plan charges you the same amount each month, independent of how many sales you had.


To see a possible range of merchant account fees and to learn the specific benefits American Express offers merchants in your line of work, click on
your profession in the list below. If you don't see yours listed, choose the one that most closely matches what you do, or enter it into the field provided
and click Search.

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