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Accepting American Express® Cards is better business

Not all merchant account providers are created equal

American Express has a long history of helping businesses succeed, with exclusive products and services designed to help your business do more business.

Let us show you how to:

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Attract and Engage Customers

….by giving you the ability to accept cards that are held by nearly 50 million US customers who spend an average of 43% more with American Express Cards than with other cards*.

…by saying Yes to the 36% of employed American Express Cardmembers who say their companies require or prefer that they use American Express for business expenses*.

…by helping you market to customers more effectively with unique social media and collateral marketing services available only to our Merchants.

…by displaying the American Express logo for the 63% of American Express Cardmembers who say they agree that they feel more confident purchasing from merchants that display the American Express logo.*

Protect your business and keep it running smoothly

…through our commitment to data security and our unique ability to see both sides of payment transactions, allowing us to help reduce fraud.

…by getting the support you need, when and how you need it, online and offline, 24/7.

…by providing market research and analytics based on our unique insights to inform your business decisions.

…by helping you connect and transact with customers through emerging digital and social channels.


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